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We are evolving and we keep investing. Time has come to transform into modern production from traditional processing. Generations of spice expertise have reflected on our team to extend our lines. Time has come to step up the game and increase collaboration with our business partners and clients. We now steam in-house! We now have the ability to give microbiological guarantees from our own facility. We have placed the newest and the largest capacity of steam sterilization facility in Turkey. Within the awareness of high risk & high care process principles, to produce microbiologically safe products for direct consumption, international validation and CCP controls will be in place under the Altuntas Brand from now on.

We are in Denizli Free Trade Zone

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Altuntaş Agro Tarım San ve Tic. A.S.
Operates under Altuntas Group
Denizli Free Trade Zone
Cumhuriyet SB Mah. Eke Fence 1 Sk.
Çardak/Denizli TURKEY

Tel: +90 258 371 03 23
Email: info@ altuntas.com.tr
Email: info@spiceclinic.net